Current Team Members

PhD Students
Di Weng (2016.9- now)
Tan Tang (2016.9 - now)
Ji Lan (2016.9 - now)
Master Students
Xiwen Cai (2015.9- now)
Xiao Xie (2015.9 - now)
Sufei Wang (2016.9- now)
Undergraduate Students
Hemin Zhu (2015.4 - now)
Junpei Zhou (2016.9 - now)

Selected Past Team Members or Co-supervised Students

Bohan Li (2015.4 - 2016.5), an undergraduate student from Zhejiang University . He has been selected as one of the 12 undergraduate students in the university to receive the Chu Kochen Scholarship. He is now an student intern in Microsoft Rearch Asia.
Yinzhi Yu (2014.8 - 2015.3), an undergraduate student from Zhejiang University . She is now in CMU to pursue her Master degree.
Tongshuang Wu (2014.8 - 2015.3), an undergraduate student from HKUST (co-supervised with Weiwei Cui and Conglei Shi). She has received PhD offers from MIT, Harvard, George Tech, etc. She is now in University of Washington to pursue her PhD degree.
Hongsen Liao (2014.12 - 2016.3), a visiting PhD student from Tsinghua University )
Zhutian Chen (2014.6 - 2015.3, BS student from SCUT , won the HKPFS Award and have joined VisLab in HKUST)
Guodao Sun (2013.8 - 2015.7, visiting PhD student from Zhejiang Unversity of Technology , now an assistant professor at Zhejiang University of Technology.)
Conglei Shi (2012.6 - 2013.3, PhD student from HKUST , now a Research Staff Member at IBM Watson)
Panpan Xu (2012.5 - 2013.3, PhD student from HKUST , now a Researcher at Bosch Research and Technology Center, California, US.)
Enxun Wei (2012.8 - 2013.4, BS Student from SJTU, now a software developer at Google Inc. in US)
Kai Yan (2013.8 - 2014.3, BS student from HIT , now a MSRA-HIT joint PhD student)
Mengchen Liu (2012.12 - 2013.6, BS student from Tsinghua, now a MSRA-Tsinghua joint PhD student)
Qiangqiang Li(2013.5-2013.7, MS student from ICT of CAS)
Yifei Zhou(2013.12 - 2013.5, BS student from SCUT )